Eventually, I found that if another USB device a mobile phone in my case is connected, causes this problem, even if it is not selected as first boot device. Current unofficial bios version is 3. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Now you are thinking big. Obviously, none of USB ports on an add-on card can be used for booting; For the reason above. BTW, your board Vcore regulator has 4 phases and looks relatively good:

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Sure, some reached 4. Sometimes things are even running notably slower on higher ram clock You bet it – memory bandwitch or death!

As for the impact of settings and stability – well, almost all the settings cause some diferences. So beware, you really need to use the Windows flasher and NOT latest version but v4.

And on the bottom side, there is place just under the CPU for two serious tantal-polymer caps: Just look what Massman says above: The other data point is that with on a legacy Asrock MB dual-vsta prowhich is all USB2 only, that with a third-party boot manager kon-boot or similar name located on floppy, I am able to execute the bootloader and load the OS’s normally.

If the difference are not shown in the Memtest benchmark, it does not mean that it is not there and it will not reveal itself on another bench, like SuperPi. Also most DDR2 rams would like 775dual-vxta least 2. Obviously, none of USB ports on an add-on card can be used for booting; For the reason above.


ASRock Dual-VSTA bios, mod, recap? – General hardware discussion – HWBOT Community Forums

More that I imagined: I would appreciate your experience in trying this out on your Asrock MB’s. Yes, my password is: This process is backward, to say the least.

Copyright c Tweak Town Pty Ltd. I also noticed that many took the wrong approach and tried the higher ram clocks, but they SUXX, because even that they are higher, the chipset turn into 2T mode not changable and results suxx: With them, I believe, it will shine.

To put it short – I have no idea, what dividers FSB: That is quite good and what it even better is, that near 77dual-vsta CPU socket, there are place for 4! So if you have an X it’s probably better for you to use that if you can.

On the legacy board that I have Asrock dual-prosame issue also says supports boot from USB and dirtry solution was to use a third-party boot manager of a floppy disc! But it will be 775dual-svta test results that will either prove or disprove what I claim. On the top of that, the board accept Intel Q with the latest 3rd party bios.


ASROCK 775DUAL-VSTA User Manual: Usb Configuration

The partitions are formatted NTFS. I did not have whole bunch of Socket CPU’s, but they are dirt usv to get some might be even donated for the test and even ATM I got few, that are worth testing: They should be able to do those timings at that voltage.

Posted July 24, edited. That will give you the most performance out of your system by far. The top limit is very low.

Did some theoretical stuff on memory bandwidth in that article too. So I see a big potencial in this mobo.

ASRock DUAL-VSTA – motherboard – ATX – LGA Socket – PT Ultra Overview – CNET

I doubt that rams did not affect the score, even slight secondary timings change 3DMark01 results for me. Reminded me of my plan to build a retro game system Using a socket celeron with ddr. Sign in Already have an account? So I see a big potencial in this mobo. With one exception – freezes using the Radeon XT graphic card.