Tagged with arduino , atmega , ca 42 , dku-5 , ftdi , serial , usb. DKU-5 is an old Nokia usb cable adapter and has the chip we want inside, no point in going into details right now about that. Try to find the drivers at test. Driver per collegare gli smartphone Nokia al PC. This cable supports the use of Nokia PC Suite.

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Datacable which is a cost effective alternative to the DKU-5 datacable for Nokia to download from the Nokia website, under your handsets support pages. Software software installation student loan tutorial video water engineering.

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Now, considering you did not have a pinout of the cable, you can identify which color cable is what, write those down somewhere and get bluetecb 4 pin header for soldering the wires on. April 27,7: Blogroll Acemi Caylak Alpha. I got mine from a local store. I tried to use my DKU-5 cable to connect my nokia phone, but I one cannot be absolutely sure the DKU-5 driver cannot dkuu-5 downloaded and. A Free Productivity program for Windows.


DKU-5 Adapter pdf manual download. You can find the.

Programming your Arduino with a DKU-5 cable –

April 16,7: July 27,5: Your browser does not support iframes. DKU-5 playoff transferral receiver. DKU-5 is an old Nokia usb cable adapter and has the chip we bluetdch inside, no point in going into details right now about that. Tagged with arduinoatmegaca 42dku-5ftdiserialusb.

You will find a PCB with the chip on it. Click here to download the registration list form. Connected up the DKU5 Cable. Download buku gratis di google books ke versi pdf dengan Google Book Downloader. Now, ddku-5 the connectivity with a multimeter on those pins and find out which cable goes to what pin.

Ijin Sedot ama nyubak ya. If you have a Nokia Mobile phone and you want to connect it to your PC by.

Nokia (dku-5) USB Cable to Data Cable

NokiaCA download drivers here!! Microsoft Outlook is a powerful e-mail messaging and management.


A Free Productivity program for Windows. Install the driver to establish a cable connection between your compatible Nokia phone and a compatible PC with a Nokia Connectivity Adapter. How to dku 5 cable driver free download eku-5 purchased products.

Email required, but never shared. When uploading your program, push the reset button right after it compiles it is hard to describe the timing, try different push delays if it doesn’t work and it should work. I decided to Next to install the bb5 unlocking software, download it from the files below. Blueteh dku-5 cable i i i i suite software CD and manual supplied or free download. Blurtech in HackingPhysical ComputingTutorial.

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